Valverde’s press conference ahead of tomorrow’s game with Osasuna

Ernesto Valverde's press conference ahead of tomorrow's game with Osasuna

In Valverde’s press conference today, He spoke about the coming Osasuna match. However, the journalists also asked about Messi, Neymar and more. @Barcacentre with the important thing he had to say today:

Reagarding the death of Luis Enrique’s daughter: “I want to convey all our love, support and encouragement to Luis Enrique and his family from all of us at Barça. Big hug.”

About Osasuna: “They have returned to La Liga. I expect a lot of fire from them. They are a rival that push you towards your own goal. They will try to win.”

Messi? He follows the normal recovery process. We will see how his injury evolves in these two weeks. We hope to have him for our first Champions League game and maybe before, against Valencia. “

Regarding the Neymar deal, and the continuity of Dembele and Rakitic

Valverde’s started: “Neymar? It’s getting long. I have nothing to say about Neymar. He is a player from another team.

Dembélé? We’ll have to wait for him to recover, but we’ll see. I’m not going to comment on anything about Dembélé.

Rakitić? Ivan is a great player. He has played many games here. It’s true that he did not play the other day. That’s it. In the same way Busquets did not play the game before. The season is long and there is room for everyone.”

UCL draw, Griezmann, De Jong and miranda

Champions League draw? We have a difficult group. The same as other years. It is no surprise. It will be complicated as it usually is. This year, as in previous years, we want to top our group for what comes next but we don’t worry too much. We just focus on the group phase.

Griezmann? I said it the other day. I think last game was an important game for him because there were many injuries and the focus was on him. He responded with guarantees and that’s what we expect from him.

We hope Griezmann has continuity. If he comes into play he is decisive and that is what we want. He relates very well to the goal.

Miranda will go out on loan to continue advancing in his evolution as a player. He needs a little bit more time.

De Jong has to adapt to the dynamics of our team and our league. I am happy with him. I think that in the offensive aspect he can still give us more things. In any position De Jong performs well. He has great versatility.”

“Neymar? … From a scale of 1 to 10, I am tired for 9.5.”

End of Valverde’s press conference ahead of Osasuna.

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