The opinion of Rafa: Let’s talk Neymar and Barcelona

Let’s talk Neymar and Barcelona. Club can’t pay a massive sum of €90m+ players like Sky Sports is reporting. Utter rubbish. @rafahernandez

The board’s idea is to wait for Neymar and this whole situation to put pressure on PSG, then seize that moment offering a player swap. The relationship between the club’s hierarchies is awful, Bartomeu and Al Khelaifi don’t see eye to eye.

Direct contact between the clubs hasn’t even taken place yet, that’s how ridiculously complex Neymar returning to Barcelona is. Coutinho is the main favourite to be involved in a player swap, Dembélé is out of question because Barça rates him highly and he doesn’t want to leave.

I personally don’t expect Neymar to join Barcelona as things stand. Much to happen until the end of summer, but right now it doesn’t look good. It never did, really.

Hard time selling

Rakitic doesn’t want to leave, Umtiti also wants to stay. Barcelona will have to persuade the players to leave, or PSG will with sizeable contracts. Coutinho is the only one who’s been wanting out for months now, his agent offered him to every top club in Europe, really.

Klopp, and all of the reliable journalists when it comes to Liverpool say the club won’t spend big this summer and go for stability after a successful season. Coutinho would be the exact opposite, even if Barça still owes them money.

As for Barcelona’s new left back: Firpo, Guerreiro and Ricardo Rodriguez the main targets.

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