Update: Valverde might STAY after all!

Update Valverde might STAY after all

According to ESPN, Ernesto Valverde’s future will be a topic of discussion on a meeting that will take place tomorrow. Barça have to make a decision regarding his future. Bartomeu wants to meet with various board members before making the decision. Will Valverde leave or stay? Count on @blaugranagram to update us.

Bartomeu doesn’t want to rush the decision although he reluctantly is considering replacing Valverde. Very few members in the board are ‘in the loop’ and those that are in the loop are in a debate about what should happen next.

Worth noting that Segura’s future also is on the line & that both he and a couple of players could be seen leaving the club sooner rather than later. [@Moillorens & @samuelmarsden]

Valverde will probably stay

The Rumors are circulating that Barça have told Valverde that he’s being fired. Those rumors are FALSE. He’s abroad, his cell phone is off and his agent talks to him through his wife. His entourage believes that he’ll stay, but everything is possible. [@AdriaAlbets]

Furthermore, Rumors last night confirmed Josep Bartomeu has already made his decision. Ernesto Valverde WILL stay as Barça’s manager for the upcoming season. In addition, many reliable outlets are confirming this as time goes on. Furthermore, it seems like the scheduled meeting will just be a ‘keep in the loop’ meeting about his decision. Anyone who disagrees can voice their opinion, But it seems like he’s staying.

According to @Marsallorente, Valverde will stay, and Bartomeu has finished the “round of contacts” to analyze the situation. The conclusion? Valverde is NOT the problem.

In addition, @Alfremartinezz says Barça count on Valverde for next season, with Bartomeu being his great advocate.

Bartomeu wants Valverde to stay, which he will do, despite 3 important board members being against it. The 3 are club CEO Óscar Grau, vice-president Jordi Cardoner, and director of football Pep Segura. [COPE ]

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