Matchday // Getting ready for Barca VS Liverpool

Barcelona vs Liverpool is tonight, and that means you wake up with a different feeling today. A feeling that you have been waiting to feel for three years now. The feeling of being a champions league semi-finalist.

In addition, you have the feeling of playing in what seems like our most important, most crucial and most entertaining game of the season as of now.

Barcelona VS Liverpool, Man VS Man, the elites vs the elites.

Liverpool have achieved somethings extraodinary for their standards this season. They reach the semi-final of the champions league for the second consecutive season. In addition, they are competing for the premier league title at the same time. However, they sgowed us that they are different than the team that played in the champions league final last season. In addition, they showed us that they improved their team in all possible aspects.

However, although their attack & defense has been structured perfectly, choosing who to play  at the center of the park has been a dilemma for the gegenpress.

Speaking of the gegenpress, a manager who wants his team to play with high intensity. Therefore, Liverpool are aggressive off the ball (on occasion), press high & attack, attack and attack.

He will undoubtedly want his team to do the same tonight. Therefore, it will be upto our genius of a tactician; “el txingurri” to form his tactics for our midfield in a way that we become anti-press and evade pressure easily. We’ll need free-flowing & fluid transitional passes in order to win the game of the midfield. Furthermore, Arthur and Busquets will play a very crucial part in that system.

The current form of both clubs

Liverpool have been on fire recently, with 10 wins in a row In their away record in this champions league season. Therefore, they have shown us that underestimating them will only cost the opponents an ‘L’ or an elimination.

Barca on the other side, just won the champions of Spain title. Therefore, they are oozing with confidence and happiness and that champion mentality. Furthermore, the fact that we have the GOAT, clearly puts us ahead as the favourites of the tie. In addition, we should do everyting we can to keep him from dropping deep as that would only result in a lower attacking power. Expect a titanic, thundering clash tonight culers!

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