Celta vs Barca : Defeat with optimism?

Barca lost the Celta vs Barca match yesterday. The loss didn’t surprise many, as most of the starting lineup didn’t play. Furthermore, Celta had a lost to play for, as they want to secure their place in the La liga next season. However, losing is something that Barca as a club isn’t used to. But, the main purpose of Valverde in the Celta – Barca match was to give minutes to youngsters and the benchwarmers. Even though Barca lost the match, we had the opportunity to watch some youngsters that the club see as part of the furure.

Moussa Wague

Rac 1 chose the young Senegalese Right Back Wague as the Man of the Match yesterday. Although his handball caused the penalty, his performance was great. Wague showed great connection with the attack, and looked like he is part of the first time for a long time.

The next season Valverde will have to choose whether to promote Wague to the first team, or let him leave on loan. I don’t see him stay with Barca B at the third league, because he’s too good for it. However, he might not have enough experience to be a first team player. Therefore, it won’t be a surprise if he will leave on loan, to gain first team playing minutes.

Riqui Puig

By far the biggest talent in Barca B today. However, the guy still looks like a teenager, and he’s 19 years old. This season with Barca B he gave some terrific performances, and showed his skills a lot. However, he should work on his physicality in order to make it in the big league. Riqui will never be a ‘Vidal’ sort of player, but even Iniesta could use their body to protect the ball.

I’m excited about Riqui, and think he might have great future with Barca. The fitness trainers and nutritionists will have to work with him to make his physical condition better. However, his talent is enormous, and he showed it yesterday, even if he usually plays in the left side of the central midfield.

Jean Claire Todibo

The 19 years old finished the match injured, but that doesn’t change the fact that he showed us why top European clubs wanted him. The young French CB showed class, tranquility, and and good positioning in the match. Celta managed to score just after Todibo left the field with an injury.

Todibo is an amazing talent, that’s for sure. It’s still not clear whether he will leave on loan next season. Playing for a full season in La Liga team (or Ajax as part of the De Ligt deal) seems a good option for him. A loan will be good for him in order to gain experience. He might return when Pique will retire in a season or two.

Alex Collado

The young midfielder played in the left and in the right, since he replaced Dembele in the first minutes of the Celta – Barca clash. Although Collado plays in the sides from time to time, his natural position is in the central midfield. However, it’s not so fair to determine his future from that match.

Alex Collado is a great talent, and we saw it, although he didn’t play in his natural position. However, it will be tough for him to make it to the first team. But, Collado should have a great career ahead of him, but probably not in Barca

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