Barca News Recap: 09.05.2019 // Suarez, Valverde and more

Barca News Recap 09.05.2019

2 days after the Liverpool humiliation, and the Barca News today talks mostly about the reaction in the Club. The first one to most likely pay the price, is the coach Valverde. However, some of the players have their future in the air, and we should expect more news on it soon. Therefore, today’s Barca news recap will arrange everything in one place. We would like to thank @blaugranagram for the amazing job he’s doing. Here’s todays Barca news recap:

The season is over for Luis Suarez

OFFICIAL: Luis Suárez will have an arthroscopic surgery today due to a medical meniscus injury in his right knee. The Club will announce how long he’ll miss, and the outcome of the surgery, when it’s will be over.

The future of coach Valverde

The club will be consider Ernesto Valverde’s future at the end of the season, which both parties have agreed on. However, an immediate resignation or dismissal is not on the table at the moment. Also, the President also thinks about Pep Segura’s future. The club considers whether he’s ready and capable of handling the new players coming in and some leaving. And also, Bartomeu has admitted that the shock of the defeat at Anfield hit him as well, according to RAC1.

According to El Chiringuito, the Club wants to bring someone who’s been loved a lot throughout the club’s history. Xavi, Ronald Koeman and Guardiola’s names are on the table, though the latter is unlikely. However, there’s a clause in Valverde’s contract that allows the two parties to terminate the contract. In that case the club won’t have to pay out for the remainder of the contract. [SPORT]

Renewing the squad

According to Sport, Rakitic, Umtiti and Coutinho’s futures are in question, and especially Coutinho’s future. He doesn’t feel untouchable alongside Dembélé, but the fans’ criticism is what bothers him. However, the fans’ criticism isn’t the only thing that bothers him – his inability to perform at a very high level most likely does to – but the fans’ criticism is what bothers him the most.

Rakitic’ situation in Barça is more complicated than that of Coutinho and Umtiti. While Rakitic has said he wants to stay, the club see this summer as one of the last chances to cash in on selling him. In addition, the Frenkie de Jong signing and the fact that he was at a party in Seville the day after the Champions League semi-final at Anfield further strengthen the feeling of him potentially leaving this summer.

Antoine Griezmann to Barca?

Barca News Recap: 09.05.2019

Antoine Griezmann has reached an agreement with Barça. This time it seems like it’s not just word of his entourage, as the club didn’t want to see last summer’s outcome repeated. Abidal has personally been in contact with the player and has visited him in Madrid.

As for Josep Bartomeu, he’s had the responsibility of taking contact to Atléti’s Miguel Ángel Gil in an attempt to reach an agreement. Barça know they’ll most likely pay a sum close to the €120M release clause that he’ll have after June: a high sum which he’d inherently have, and some added bonuses would end up in more or less the same price.

It’s yet to be known whether the board, after what happened at Anfield, will look at the list of coaches who’ve been successful and are available, while planning the next move, as Bartomeu seemingly isn’t happy with the work being done.

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