Barca Goalkeeper : Position status

Barca Goalkeeper : Position status

The league just ended, and the cup final is getting closer. Even though the season didn’t end yet, the media is covering a lot of news over the transfer rumors for next season. Therefore, we will cover the current status in the several positions in the squad. The first position in our cover will be the Barca goalkeeper position status. Although the first goalkeeper, Ter Stegen, is unquestionable, his backup – Cillessen – will probably leave.

Ter Stegen: “The Messi of goalkeeping”

Our German goalkeeper keeps improving every season, and this year was no different. With so many saves, and terrific performances, Ter Stegen isn’t going anywhere. In his fifth season in Blaugrana, Stegi played 4410 minutes, and conceded 43 goals. In addition, the number 1 Barca goalkeeper kept a clean sheet in 23 matches.

The young talent from Monchengladbach turned 27 this season, and it’s fair to say that he is in the peak of his career. He has contract until 2022, and his status is better than ever. Any goalkeeper that will become his backup should keep in mind that he will play very little amount of minutes within the season.

Jasper Cillessen: On his way out?

It’s the third season of Jasper Cillessen as the backup of Ter Stegen, and it seems like he’s had enough. The number 1 GK of The Netherlands NT, and he wants to keep his status ahead of the Euro Chamionship next summer. In addition, Cillessen proved himself as an amazing goalkeeper, and he wants minutes, naturally. Therefore, it seems like the number 2 Barca goalkeeper will leave this summer.

Some clubs already started negotiating with Cillessen, and it seems like the best offers comes from Benfica, Manchester United and Valencia. However, all offers for the 30 years old were a lot less than what Barca expects to get for him. Barca wants 25 Million Euros for him, but will probably settle for a lower amount from Benfica, and first option on some of their talents.

Who will become the 2nd Barca Goalkeeper if Cillessen leaves?

per if Cillessen leaves?
Will Barca opt for an option from home, or look at the market? Is there an option in Barca B to replace Cillessen? Let’s look at the several options that the club considers:

Inaki Pena

We already talked about the goalkeeper in the la masia section. The young goalkeeper is probably the best goalkeeper in La Masia, and he secured the first spot in Barca B even though it’s his first season there. Although Barca B didn’t manage to get back to the Segunda league, Inaki was one of the best players there.

Inaki Pena turned 20 last March, and he seems like the natural player to take the step ahead and become the backup for Ter Stegen. In addition, as a winner of the Uefa Youth League, and as a goalkeeper in all the national youth teams, he has class. However, it takes a manager to believe in him, and to promote him to the first team

Will Barca look at the transfer market?

So far Valverde didn’t prove himself as a coach who’s brave enough to promote youngsters in Barca. Therefore, if the Basque coach will eventually stay put, it won’t surprise anyone that Barca will look at the market for a new Goalkeeper. In that case, we might see Pena leave on loan, because it seems like he’s too good for Barca B.

So far, there aren’t many names in the table, as the transfer window didn’t start. However, one name that ‘Sport’ recently mentioned is Benjamin Lecomte. Lecomte is 28 years old, and plays for Montpellier. However, the rumors regarding him are still pretty quiet. Other names that are on the Barca goalkeeper shortlist for a long time are Onana and Lafont.

Moreover, according to recent rumors from @albert Roge, two more candidates are Casteels (Wolsfburg) and Yann Sommer (Borussia Mönchengladbach).

As the first goalkeeper of Ajax, the price of Andre Onana risen a lot this season, and he just renewed his contract. Therefore, the chances of the former la masia GK to arrive are pretty slim. The other option of Alban Lafont seems slim as well. He’s one of the most talented goalkeepers right now, and on the Barca shortlist for a long time. However, Fiorentina probably won’t sell him this summer.

It’s still early, but it seems like there will be a new backup for Ter Stegen in the Barca goalkeeper position. Will Inaki Pena get the promotion, or will we see more names on the table? It depends a lot on who will be the coach next season

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