The current Barca era is changing history

The current Barca era is changing history

Yesterday, Barca officially won the league title for the 8th time in the last 11 years. In addition, it’s the 16th La Liga title since 1990. In the summer of 1990 Barca had 10 league titles, while Real Madrid had 25. However, now Madrid has 33 titles and Barca 26, and although the gap is still there, it a lot shorter. The last generation of Barca has been incredible, but the current Barca era is huge. We as fans should be grateful for this era, because it will not last forever. However, there are achievements to achieve this season, and the first one is the match against Liverpool on Wednesday.

Yesterday was not the best match of Barca this season, but a classic match that Barca needed to ‘only win’. In addition, you could see the tension in the eyes of the player. It was the combination of the wish to get to the UCL semis fresh, and win the match yesterday. The ball refused to get in the net, until Messi came in and did what he does best. However, after the goal, Barca stopped playing, and Levante was not far from equalizing.

Messi marks the current Barca era

It was so natural that the player who will score the title goal is Leo Messi. This season Messi already counts 34 goals in his 32 matches, which is a goal coefficient of 1.06. Furthermore, Messi have 34 titles in his professional career, and he’s the first Barca player ever to win 10 league titles. However, the only player to have more La Liga titles than Messi is Madrid’s Paco Gento, with 12 titles (Special thanks to @Messistats for the stats).

Second league title for Valverde

Ernesto Valverde continues his terrific run as the coach of Barca. However, it seems like he doesn’t get the credit for his amazing stats. We also have our thoughts and problems with the way the coach handles the squad, but his stats are amazing, and they don’t lie. In two seasons, the Basque coach lost only 3 league matches, but people still don’t see him as the best coach for Barca.

However, arriving to Barca is getting the most ungrateful job in the football world, and Valverde knew it. Furthermore, it’s really hard to manage a team where nothing besides a treble is enough to please the fans. In addition, this season is great, but the fans will not accept anything but getting the UCL title for the first time since 2015.

In conclusion, Barca fans do live in an unforgettable era, and the way to mark a successful season is treble. And yeah, when you have Messi on your team that should be the target of the whole club to win everything. But, that doesn’t mean that we’re not greatful for the joy that Barca gives us in this era. We can only wish it will last as much as it can possibly can. In addition, the great challenge of the club and the technical staff will be to prepare for the post-Messi era.

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