Barca VS Atletico Madrid pre-match thoughts

Barca Atletico Madrid pre-match report


Not so fast there Cules, Its not over yet! Tonight, at 8:45 PM (CET), two different teams with two different styles of play will go head to head at the Camp Nou. Therefore, the Barca VS Atletico Madrid match might be a title-deciding match.

No, Don’t expect this match to be an entertaining one packed with goal after goal after goal after goal. In addition, you should certainly not expect it to be like the weekends roller-coaster ride at La Ceramica against Villarreal. On one side, there is Barca, a team that has a possession based attacking style of play and is currently fighting for all three trophies.

On the other, Atletico Madrid is a team that’s 8 points behind Barca in LaLiga, out of the UCL and the Copa Del Rey. They possess a very solid and strong defensive style of play; one of the best in europe if not the best. They like to sit deep and defend while patiently waiting for an opportunity to hit the opponents. Therefore, their lethal and clinical counter attacks. Henceforth, this will be an exteremly tactical game.

What should we expect from the match?

“El Cholo” is a master at the ‘Unocerismo’; The art of winning by 1-0 and he will be looking to implant that same style at the Camp Nou tonight. However, Simeone is relying on his main man up front; Griezmann. It will be his job to step up and snatch the victory for the visitors with a moment of brilliance. In addition, the french forward has been consistent recently and will be a dangerous threat to our backline along with his counter part Diego Costa.

Atletico barely needs a win tonight in order to keep their hopes alive. However, Valverde’s men are oozing with confidence as their recent result has been nothing short of impressive. However, they will be looking to seal the La Liga title for the second year in a row.

Simeone OR Valverde? Messi OR Griezmann? The most tactical and the smartest team will come out on top tonight. we need to win tonight in order to focus on our main objective this season; UCL. Nevertheless, prepare yourselves for a combative, intense and fast-paced game from both sides tonight.

Special thanks to @tikitaka.dna for this report.

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