Alena interview for MD at “the peak” of the season

Alena interview for MD

The local media in Barcelona talked a lot about Carles Alena today. Although ‘Sport’ reports Ajax wants the midfielder on loan, it seems like he’s going nowhere for now. However, ‘MD’ published an interview with Alena, where he spoke about his and the clubs current situation. The translation by Barca Times on twitter.

About the Villarreal match

The game against Villarreal was a very crazy game. We had the game under control and Coutinho had an opportunity to make it 0-3. They were strong on the counter with their fast players. We have shown we are competitive and we got a point.

Heading for Atletico

It is clear that the game on Saturday is very important. If we win, I would not say La Liga is sentenced because Atlético still have mathematical options to win, but it would be a blow for them. Anyway, they are a very complicated opponent, it will be difficult.

The current situation of Alena at the club

AleYes, I am playing a lot more than what I expected, especially because of how I started the season, because of the injury. I did not think I would have these opportunities and the truth is that I am very happy. Everything is positive in my first season.

My dream and my hope is to succeed here and never leave. It is not known what will happen in the future, but my dream is to succeed here. If it were for me, I would sign for life. In football you never know what can happen, but I am very happy here.

Is Alena an exapmle for younger La Masia players?

Example for other La Masia kids? Young players are now in a hurry and clubs also come with more money, but it depends on the desire you have to succeed here. The example is Sergi Roberto, who had to wait and is now an essential player.

I am lucky to have gone through all the categories in La Masia and to have reached the first team and I can only tell the kids to be patient, that playing here is the most beautiful thing in the world.

Has my life changed in the last few months? It has changed me in the sense that when I go down the street I am a little more known, but in the rest, no. I like to be at home with my girl, with my family, with my dog, nothing has changed in that.

Relationship with the first-team players

Years pass and no matter how much the first team have won, they continue with the same desire, so I am learning to be a winner here.

Help from teammates? Excluding Sergi Roberto, the players of La Masia who have also gone through the same as me have have helped me a lot, for example Piqué and Jordi Alba. I also get along very well with Vidal, who has entered the dressing room very well.

Looking forward to the Champions League

Manchester United have very fast players in the counterattack, of high quality. It is going to be a very tough match. We have to look for their weaknesses, which is to have the ball.

Yes, it is clear: There is a lot of desire to win the Champions League. Leo said it on the day of the Joan Gamper Cup, it is the main objective. The season looks good but we have not won anything yet.

Imagining raising the Champions League? You think about it, there is a lot left, but you think about it. The Champions League is something incredible.

What would be a good result at the Old Trafford? A win without having conceded goals.

The arrival of De Jong and the competition in the midfield

He is a great player, and he showed it with Holland and with Ajax. These players, with Barça DNA, will surely come to help.

However, am I Afraid of competition? No. in the end, the competition is the best for the club. We know how demanding this is, so I love it and it can help a lot.

Will Rakitic leave?

It is a decision of his, but my personal opinion is that he will stay. He is a player who has been here for many years. He is a super important player for our midfield, he gives the balance the team need.

Riqui Puig

Riqui is a different player when it comes to touching a ball, he is doing very well and next season he will have time to think about the first team.

What would I do if we win the treble?

Not cutting my hair short, but climb Montserrat three times by bike, I would love it!

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