The Messi show: Post Betis–Barca feelings

The Messi show

The Messi show: Post Betis–Barca feelings

After the big 4-1 away win yesterday, in the Madrid based TV show ‘El chiringuito’, there were talking about the match. The Madrid fans at the show compared the third goal to one Golazo scored by Raul. However, Cristobal Soria – the Sevilla fan and anti madridista himself, responded that you could only compare Messi to the Mona Lisa. But, he was not the only one acknowledging the greatness of Messi, but also the fans of Betis at the stadium. The recognized that they were at a big show, the Messi show. And just like in a broadway show, when the show is over, the artist deserves a standing ovation.

When I wrote about the match yesterday, I was talking about ‘the battle for possession’. Even though Barca DNA is to always play for possession, Betis also play the passing game well. Surprisingly, Valverde almost gave up that play, and played with 4-4-2. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Betis did win the possession battle. However, Barca has a lot more talent, and we have Messi. ‘The Messi show’ included three goals, with every goal more beautiful than the previous one.

An alien living with humans

It’s a very common mistake to compare Messi to other players. However, I didn’t need the Messi show yesterday in order to say that he is the best. Yesterday Messi became the player with most wins in Barca’s history, surpassing Xavi. However, it was just another broken record, when you think he has no more records to break. For example – remember breaking Zara’s La Liga goalscoring record? Messi already scored TWICE as much as the 50 years record before him. I mean, the guy creates his legacy every day.

Messi is the best player in history. Want to compare him to Pele or Maradona? Just watch a full game from those times. It was another sport back then. The defenders were a lot worse, and the tactics we pretty amateur. Therefore, the greatness of Messi is the way he is having those historic numbers and performances, in a much hard environment. Leo Messi is the most underrated player in the world, because if he wasn’t he would just get the Ballon d’or every year.

Suarez reaches top-gear

Luis Suarez continued his terrific form. It seems like every time the media channels speak about his replacement, Suarez shows us that he’s not going anywhere. However, it’s always funny how Luisito can score the tough chances, and miss the easy ones. However, while it was the Messi show yesterday, a strong compliment must go to the great form of Suarez. When we reach the hottest time of this season, we have to have Suarez at his best.

Luisito finished the game hurt. After taking further tests today, it was confirmed that he will miss the next 10-15 days because of his ankle injury. However, the Uruguayan should be ready for the Barcelona derby against Espanyol in March 30th.

Vidal – our missing piece?

A lot of Barca fans didn’t understand the transfer which brought Arturo Vidal in the last summer. On one hand, people said that he is after his peak, and that he does not fit the Barca DNA. However, others said that Pep himself is the one who brought him to Bayern.

After a tough start, it now seems that the 18 Millions spent for him was a real bargain. Therefore, the Chilean seems to be our guy for those tough away matches that we lost the previous years. Just imagine him running like a maniac and tackling every ball in the defeats in Rome, Turin or Paris. Vidal is a “Davids” kind of midfielder. In addition, just like the legend from Netherlands, Vidal knows his place, and it’s an important one. He is the one that Barca needs in order to “think outside the box” when it matters.

Yesterday, he was there for Valverde, while everybody thought Coutinho will start the game. However, Valverde preferred having Vidal in that tough match, in order to make sure Betis’ possession won’t be effective.

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