Ter Stegen talks about how he almost left in 2016

Ter Stegen talks about his past and future

After a great performance in the Copa Clasico on Wednesday, people again talked about another terrific saves made by our German goalkeeper. It’s hard to remember that few years ago we bought him for a funny amount of 12 Million Euros. This week, Ter Stegen gave an interview where he talks about his past, present and future at Barca.

First, Ter Stegen talked about competing for the No.1 spot in his first season: “Basically, Claudio [Bravo] and I both managed to deal well with the situation [of competing for the No.1 shirt. He is a great goalkeeper who earned the place back then.”

“The coach did not have to change because he had a goalkeeper in the league who showed good performances. Of course, you start to ponder about your future because playing football is the most important thing. It would not have been better if the coach had said: ‘You’re playing in the league now and [Bravo] in the other competitions. That was not what I wanted and in 2016 came the situation where I had to think about leaving Barca.”

“The club was up to date all the time. Claudio and I dealt with the situation openly and said we did not like it. At some point there is the moment when it is no longer tenable. Then Barcelona clearly made a decision and decided for me. I think I have paid it back so far. ”

Ter Stegen talks about the future

“It’s wonderful in Barcelona. I love the city. My wife is happy too. We have everything we need here. Of course, I miss the family from time to time, but they have always the opportunity to visit me. I have another three and a half years contract. How it looks then, I cannot say now. But what I can say now is that I enjoy the current situation and enjoy going to stand on the pitch every day.”

It’s fair to say that MATS is having his having the best season in his career. He keeps improving every week, and people already consider him as one of the best goalkeepers in the world. When we remember his tough start at the club, we can thank our club for believing in Ter Stegen when he was young. Our GK spot seems to be covered for years.

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