Neymar and Griezmann are not the future of Barca

Neymar and Griezmann are not the future of Barca

Neymar and Griezmann are not the future of Barca

It’s no secret that Barca look to strengthen their attack. While some of the names mentioned are young long term attackers like Luka Jovic or Nicolas Pepe are some of the names mentioned in the media, there are bigger names that the press love. Two of the names are Neymar and Griezmann, that in my opinion both are not part of the future of Barca.

Neymar and Griezmann both preferred PSG and Atletico Madrid, because they were paying them much more than Barca. However, they regret their tremendous errors, the Brazilian who left and the French who decided not to arrive. In sporting terms they have lost a lot, and it seems like the train has passed the station for both of them.

Recent reports suggest that both Neymar and Griezmann are doing all they can to make up of their mistakes. The Brazilian wants to come back to Barca, where he should never have left. The Frenchman wants a second opportunity to join Camp Nou. However, neither of them will probably wear Blaugrana.

Johan Cruyff said in his time: “whoever doubts playing at Barca, we don’t need.” And they both doubted. Neymar accepted his world record transfer to PSG and Griezmann humiliated Barca with that pathetic documentary.

Barca’s future should not involve Neymar or Griezmann. Their chance has passed. Eventhough both of them are great footballers, both Neymar and Griezmann are not the future of Barca. They made mistakes and now they must face the consequences of their error.

Right now we are at the international break, nearly at the peak of the season. Therefore, it’s quite obvious we will hear new names every day as “next season targets”. However, most of them appear at the media as click bates, and way to sell more papers. Both Neymar and Griezmann are big names, and both are terrific footballers. But, let’s wait and see what will happen. In a personal opinion, I must say that although both are terrific players, once you say ‘no’ to Barca, there’s no way back.

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